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About the Finance Board


What We Do

The Finance Board provides analysis, advice, and oversight of the Student Activities Fee (SAF). The Board is charged with the effective allocation of the SAF to recognized student organizations in order to support programs and services for the Northeastern Undergraduate student body.

Core Values


The Finance Board is organized into three components: Governance and Compliance (GAC), Policy Research Group (PRG), and Communications and Public Information (CPI). These groups meet regularly to ensure the Board's overall mission is being achieved.

Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance is charged with performing audits and reviews into SAF funded organizations.

Policy Research Group

The Policy Research group examines the efficacy of existing SAF policies and establishes the groundwork for new programs and policies to meet Board objectives

Communications and Public Information

Communications and Public information team is responsible for helping shape and execute overarching communications strategy for the Finance Board; they prepare policy announcements, Senate reports and Budget allocations reports.

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