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Reallocation Requests

What are reallocations?

Reallocations, per Section 8 of the SAF Manual, is when an organization shifts funds in whole or part from existing eligible line-item(S) to one or more line-items. Reallocation must not violate any expenditure restrictions, Active policies or run contrary to a decision made by the Board. 


Reallocation of funds should be considered when programs are determined to be underperforming, obsolete, or do not contribute substantially to meeting the goals of the organization and/or the Student Activities Fee.

Process Overview

To reallocate funds within an existing Annual or Supplemental budget, organizations must submit a Reallocation request (linked below). 

Requests for reallocations are not automatically approved. The Finance Board will promptly review each reallocation request and generally approve or disapprove the request within Ten(10) business days.


The Finance Board will not approve any reallocation request which violates any expenditure restrictions outlined in Section 7 of the SAF manual or an active policy program.

The Finance Board considers the following information when considering your reallocation request,​

  • Mission of your organization,

  • Total Amount of Reallocation,

  • Line-item the funds are being Reallocated to,

  • The reason for your reallocation.

Reallocation for Equipment

The Finance Board will be stringent in reviewing of reallocation requests for equipment purchases.


Durable equipment purchased with SAF funds belongs to the student body. As such, it must be tagged and stored according to CSI guidelines. Durable equipment means any item of cost greater than $1500.00 or having a useful life longer than 2 years.


Equipment cannot be sold or donated, as it belongs to the student body. 

The Finance Board will take the following additional factors into consideration when reviewing a Reallocation request for equipment purchases,

  • Per - item cost 

  • Expected Useful Life or "EUL"

  • Inventory Record

  • Storage plan(s)

The Finance Board reserves the right to conduct equipment audits at its discretion. 

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